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Bikes let the good times roll. In solitude or with friends. For a half hour or 8 hours. Pedals become the gears that turn the earth as the sun seems to track their motion, day after day. Miles become food, and you're hungry. The bike stops being a vehicle, or toy, or transportation and becomes an extension of will, allowing you to journey beyond the pain of self into the realm of almighty, joyous nature, she that feeds our souls. Pedal yourself into the maw of creation. Pedal yourself silly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning Cup of Bike

With South Mountain so close, its a shame not to head over there for a quick romp in the morning before work.  Plenty of trails to put together an hour ride, even more if you can give an hour and a half.  This morning had me appreciating my shadow.  Its not often that you see the bike that sits on the roof. 

It was a little chilly for 8:30 in the morning, but not as bad as it had been, with temps in the 20's. My day was warmer than that, and almost warm enough to not call it cold. The shadow soon gave way to real riding, which got me to the saddle at Javelina.

I couldn't resist the Bike Panorama. I had to push the camera to its limits. And it does well.  
I've always been impressed.

 National and Mormon live in this picture. To ride in the morning before work is a special privilege and I hope I never live in a place where this isn't possible. Phoenix is lucky to have so much riding, thanks to our own little bits of "Sky Islands". 

I took Javelina down through the end of the East Loops and back to my car, parked at the end of the park road.  I like the little singletrack that runs down towards the entrance. Its like the last bit of candies in a bag, just a few more bites....The ride was just over 6 miles, just under and hour and just under 1000' of climbing. Time for work.

The 6 mile route for the day.  With another half hour, I could run through Mormon-National before hitting the clock.

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