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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Pan Techiness

If you've got a day to go ride, there aren't many better places to put tire to dirt than the BCT. The Skyline segment south from Rock Springs is a trail to behold, a wondrous, slithering snake of dirt that has a bite that only leaves you wanting more. We heard the Tech Loop, which is on the Little Pan Loop was done, so we had to go check it out.

This little ride down to the river looks easy, by from the bike it looks like you're riding in to bloodthirsty razorblades. Lots of jagedness to keep you worried. I don't think I've ever ridden down the whole thing. Last thing one needs is stitches 10 miles form the trailhead.

We cruised south on the BCT from Rock Springs, and decided to ride all the way to Table Mesa, just to get those few miles between the LPL and the road that have eluded us. On the way back, as you go CCW around LPL, you'll come upon two entrances to the tech loop. We missed the first, and went in on the second. From one ride, I can't say which direction would be better.

The loop starts with a little climb, then you get a nice view of the river bottom.

The trail was new and  a bit loosey-goosey, but no matter. Plenty rideable.

Here's the first, and only real techy part of the tech loop. There are two lines, a high one and a low one. If you play both of them back and forth, you get four challenges out of them. That is about all I remember from the 2.8 mile loop. What made this area cool was that you got to play with a great view of the river. The rest of the loop was good ol' BCT grade.

So we played on the low line one way.

And then gave it a try the other way.

Then we took a look at the high line. MMMMMmmmm.....chunky goodness.
There's a little rock opening at the top you have to kinda squeeze through.

Then it opens up a bit and you have to hang on for the ride down off the rocks. Sketchy, but easy enough.

After the techy tour, back to the BCT it was.

Riding back down to the river before the final ascent is a little piece of MTB bliss.

Phoenix, another great weather day. Go figure.

Below is the Tech loop GPX. The loop isn't too long, and is only really 5% techy, but it's a nice addition to the LPL and a fun way to add on some extra miles. Of course, the loop does have 85% more tech than the rest of the BCT! The whole ride was about 30 miles, but didn't feel like it. A Casual pace and some vista sniffing with rock sessioning kept the mood light. I just like being out there.

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