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Saturday, July 14, 2012

SoMo Central - Hike Your bike Day

I was getting a bit weary about riding SoMo east loops again, or PMP again, so I mixed it up and headed out to central SoMo to check out Kiwanis and Ranger, and to also show KC a little bit of the 620 ridgeline. I've never been on Kiwanis, or Ranger, nor National between the 620 turn-off and Ranger, so the majority of the day was looking new to me. I didn't know whether to be happy or ashamed since I've been riding SoMo for about 15 years, and this was the first time I'd be on these trails. I'd certainly say I was pleased though. New trail is some of the best medicine for the mindless doldrums, ruts, uncertainty and general malaise that comes with the repetitive behavior of a large part of our lives. I was ready. Greater awareness lies in  new experiences.

I was up at 5am, and it was finally easy. No worries. No struggle. My morning mind had been broken...or maybe just awoken. I felt good from the start. Met KC at the TH at 6am, superb cloud cover, a few drops, plenty of parking spaces, and a good sized mountain looking down on us. "I'm gonna climb you." The universe is appeased. A though crossed my mind - "...how nice it would for SoMo to be another 7k ft tall, like Lemmon...."

One of the few pedaling section on Kiwanis. It was about 70% HAB, or thereabouts. We were at the road in 45 minutes. Truthfully, I liked it. HAB usually means I'm far away, deep in the belly of the desert, or hanging around the Mogollon Rim, or bouncing around the edges of the Kaibab Plateau. Like playing the piano, when the fingers roll over the keys without thought and take you to the tune, the legs stammering over steps of rocks takes me to these trails, these adventures, these releases. It was marvelous.

Millipede mating season it was. Must have dodged a few dozen of them throughout the day. I'd hate to think that I got one with a tire, but I guess I'm not the Jain I thought I was, as I was hooting and hollering too much to turn around and witness. It is both alive and dead right? I hope this is how quantum mechanics applies to my life.
The man in climbing action.

Off of Kiwanis and onto National now. From one HAB to another, these are the MTB days of our lives.

Had to show KC the 620 ridgeline out-and-back since it is really nice, both ways. "This has to be my favorite trail out here now," was the response I got.

Down there? Yep, Bees Knees (Bursera?! come on...) and Gila. Wanna drop? Its only about 800ft in a mile. Lots of nice, tight, exposed switchbacks. A few make you think twice, thrice. Clown wheels make you feel like you'll tip over into oblivion. We stayed top-side to head back to Ranger.
This little fusion reactor of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.

Just a little sketch I didn't draw. Nifty effect.
Back to National from 620 and on to Ranger.
National heads straight up in the middle and Ranger peels off to the right.
Coming down Ranger.

KC had found a flag while out there, so he sported it the rest of the day. Gotta love the ol' Red White and Blue. She needs it these days with the vitriol being spewed. I pray for civility and compromise some day again, soon.

The city is never far away, but there is so much excellent riding to be had in the Valley. We are very lucky.
Nice hike up, nice ride down. Los Lomitas didn't have too much to offer, nor Max Delta, from my brief encounter. Kiwanis going down would be a good route for a slinky. And Ranger up would be more amenable to keeping your bottom on your seat. Switcheroo route next time.

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