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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hawes Night Ride

Hawes is one of my favorite trail systems in the valley, probably due to it tight trail design, gripping, steady climbs, the rolly long downhills, and its night riding. Hawes is more dark than other places since it sits on the outside of the city, bordering the Salt River, but it also sits in a bowl type shape where the ground light from the city can't reach its inner depths, and the sky is just a bit crisper. You certainly feel like the torchbearer night riding in Hawes, because there are nothing but sounds around you, and only your light can show you what's there.

Group got together from Walgreens and hit the standard outer loop, with the excellent Mine drop about halfway through. Mine is special at night, as even during the day it can pose a challenge. All made it out unscathed this night, although not all switchbacks were conquered, by me at least. I think I missed one. The one with the big rock. Gotta go right next time.

Early evening light that will sood fade. The lights are already on. We've crested Cardiac Hill. Secret awaits. Ridgeline awaits. Its gonna be a good ride.
 I stopped at the after the saddle after coming down, well.....Saddle Trail, and took some pics of those behind me. I lit the area with my lights and watched my friends rip the descent. Got some strangers that snuck in too.

C. making that switchback at mach speeds.

Has been dubbed light light rock by Sammoch.

Lighting the way. These lights really do a great job. Hours of really strong light. On known trails, I can keep daytime speeds no problem. Very impressive.

Javelina teleporting through rock and dirt.

Stranger! I just caught this fella coming down after us.

Freeskier is deep into mountain biking. Contemplating his next big move. "Ride three times tomorrow, and save the world."

I was lucky enough to have the old lady Marin in shape, since the two 29ers were down. Voodoo with a hub, and the MC with something. I forget. Maybe I was just to lazy to take it out. But 2002 really kept its own, even after about decade of use. Compared to the 29er, I felt like a dart on the downhills, rather than an out of control Ice Road Trucker. Not that I don't like that, but the nimbleness was palpable. I felt like a cricket, jumping and bouncing everywhere. The 29er has really given me a power and steamroll mentality. Its nice to crack the mold every now and then.

Night legs, get us home. But not after a little Ridgeline descent and some sonoran dessert on TRW.
Little 3D view of the good stuff. Secret is center far and Mine is to the left. Ridgeline is bottom left. That Hawes is good.

The whole ride from Walgreens with TRW and the road back up Thomas.

12.3 miles and about 1800ft of vert. Seems a little high, but fair enough.

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