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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pass Mountain

It had been a while since I've been to Pass Mountain. Last time I was there I was on 26" wheels and not as hardly strong as I presently was. I remember the climb, long and hot. Stopping  a few times as I pushed up a steep section, sucking water. The saddle was a welcome break, and those first few miles seemed like many more. But not this time. I've been riding. Riding long. Riding strong. The climb to the saddle was a nice steady burn. The heat was coming on, but not getting under my skin. I was regulated, even without my sun sleeves. I was feeling good about the ease and steadiness with which I could make the climb, the time since last done providing ample contrast for my development. I felt good.

Then I ran my leg into a trail-side cholla and remembered the desert can always get ya, one way or another.

Pass Mountian is only 8 miles around, but the effort and trail variation give it the presence of something a little bit longer, which is a nice gift. We even added Cat's Peak, since our bellies wanted more miles.

Nice switchback seciton where riders can get stackecd up. Make for nice snaps.

Coming up to the saddle, C. a recent valley transplant, was still getting used to desert riding condition. P. was making his way around familiar territory.

Looking to the east over Bullfrog Canyon. I hear there is riding through there.

Parts of the trail heading around the northern end of the mountain are buttery smooth, with nice flow even. This doesn't keep up, as Pass Mt. changes often.

It rolls you, then throws chunks at you.
P. twisting around the fun stuff.

Another huff up to the second saddle, where it gets a bit loose.

The sign at the entrance says trail not recommended for bikes. I think its perfect for bikes.

Looking north, with Pass Mt. on the right. If you're ever lost out this way, you'll at least make your way back to Phoenix.

Pedals for your legs. Pedals for your beers. Pedals get me to where I'm going. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!
Our route, looking to the southwest. We took it clockwise.

The ride down from the second saddle. Fast and loose. Keep your head up! I blew out a brake pad here. Had to desend with rear only.

A fair share over eight miles, and about 1500ft of vert. and 2.5 hours with all the chin wagging. Been thinking of a double loop or CCW. And one day I'll certainly hook Pass Mt. up with Hawes and Wild Horse, making a wonderful day loop.

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