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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pima Riding is Dynamite

Finally, after many, many years of thinking of it, contemplating it, passing it on the way to Bartlett lake, I made it out to Pima and Dynamite for a ride. I've always heard it was good, but nothing serious. I could see the expanse of land that spread out through where the trails would be. It seemed flat, almost uneventful, but it was not the case. The trail undulates, constantly sloshing you about like on a water bed - it ripples. But there is rythym. There are miles. And there are smiles. P&D looks like a great place to put on some fast miles, which is just what Freeskier did a few weeks after we went there.

We took off from the northern end of Alma School off of Dynamite and went at it. We had no real plan, other than maybe try and follow the course that  recent race took, that was supposed to be pretty good. But we los the line, even with GPS and winged it, which turned out perfectly fine.

Is this a sign of what to come?

P&D doesn't have much vertical to brag about, but it does still have some views.

I didn't see any trail that go far up the only elevation out there. We would at best only ride around the base of the few "mountains" out there. That provided us with enough potential energy to roll fast through the low-lying trails.

The abundance of big rock out there was surprising, and fun to ride through.

After we headed north from our start towards the end of the ride, we found a nice little playground.

Big rocks, almost like Easter Island Heads, the Moai.

Freeskier taking it easy, rollin' without the camelback for a few, taking in the various lines.

The sonoran desert has plenty of expansive blue skies to hand out. Just get out and head toward the horizon.

Gilamonster providing the subject in this prickly situation.

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Our route through the State Trust Land (have your permit!). Looks flat, but if you could see all the rolles, your arms would be sore. I'll be back.

Almost got a good 20 miles in, but he morning was getting long. Roughtly 1800ft of climbing for the day. Healthy enough. Not every day has to be a Prescott Monstercross!

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